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Pope Benedict XVI, The Papal Science 

Full text of a lecture at the university of Regensburg, 12 September 2006; here published with comments by Ellopos


Pope worships Reason in the temple of Reason, and starts to wonder that the modern world of science is hostile to faith: we are worshipping the same God, university is our common temple, why do you reject theology? It is inconsistent under your own criteria to reject this particularly the scientific hypothesis, and equally inconsistent even if only you reject it as a scientific hypothesis especially related for us to Christianity as such. This is how madness aquires an astonishing reason! Because, indeed, anyone has the right to be hostile to the pope's sense of theology except for the university: here I am one of you, maybe the highest, maybe imaginary, but certainly one of the particles of your world, servant to your God, why do you reject me? Then you are not scientists, you are faithful to some other God, you are fanatical as the Muslims, your God is not reasoning anymore....  Read Complete

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