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Nat Gerrs : Why Europe?

Rediscovering the Path to Europe
Em. Macron, Rediscovering the Path to Europe

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            GOING back to Horace, we recall Aphrodite embracing Europe: “You are, unknowingly, the wife of Jupiter the Invincible. Give up your sobbing...” The whole problem is the ‘unknowingly’. Just as Aphrodite informed Europe of what she didn't know and had to learn, in order to live in accordance with the truth, the same way the Churches today have to inform Europe again, to tell her again Whom she belongs to. There can not be any other voice of the Churches, save only their union. When the Church will be one, she will have a face and a voice, and then she will be able to announce to Europe the good news of her new and real life.

      As long as this does not happen, all the advice of the Churches will be incorporated in the current European ‘logic’ of a space of common-use, or it will be rejected - in both cases without any substantial gain: if I can not worship God with my brother, anything else we may decide together is just a compromise, and compromise is the very ‘logic’ of Europe now. The more I help Europe with whatever ideas I have, I just make the ‘logic’ of compromise stronger - let me not be amazed, when I see compromise grow to absurd directions.[26]


         ASKING, “why Europe”, we saw mere survival; new wars to be prevented, prosperity to be ensured. Europe has not the power for more, but even these, she can not have. It must be considered certain that In the first serious difficulties European Union will be ready to collapse. Until then, she will survive constantly without meaning - no matter how many museums may be founded or universities[27] - Europe can not make sense and have essential unity without a soul, that is, as long as the Churches remain divided, and they will stay divided for a long time, if they are not going to have a false union. Therefore, the day the European Union was founded, she immediately entered the orbit of her destruction - a destruction that will leave all of her nations in the void they already are, but closer to the ground than ever and falling in a greater speed than ever, yet without even the hope of a parachute... The fate of Europe is in the hands of the Churches. The future of the European peoples, the future of the children of the Churches, is being decided in the contacts of the Churches, incomparably more than in the European Parliament, the Commission, or anywhere.


[26] Cf. Christodoulos of Athens and all Greece, To the Eurodeputies: “The planned European constitution's failure to refer to the foundations of European consciousness represents in my view the first truly regrettable event in the history of the Union. We have seen not a few panic-ridden politicians who deny our common history, and who did not dare to speak on behalf of what should be obvious. We are witnessing an inconceivable paradox: the fear of the political leadership to state whom it represents.”

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