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What is Music?

Outline for a library on music



Plato, Music or philosophy? Always singing Laws of music

Plotinus, Music leads to the absolute beauty (margin: Art imitates God's mind)

Kant, Free & dependent beauty (margin: Dickens, Heavenly music) Comparative estimate of the fine arts (margin: Confucius, Music is humanity)

Augustine, Meaning & sensuality (margin: The Laws of Manu, Vice & recreation)

Ezra Pound, Dance figure

Daviel Barenboim, On the Nature and Power of Music

G. W. Cobb, Rachmaninoff - A Descriptive Analysis of the Piano Concertos

Oscar Wilde, Love is music (margin: Sophocles, Sacred place)

Virginia Woolf, Music builds and ennobles

Wordsworth, Music of nature & mind

Francis Bacon, Music & power

Edgar Allan Poe, Sense & imitation

Dickens, Music & the kindnesses of life (margin: Emerson, Music of the presence)

Tolstoy, Musical seduction - with reference to Beethoven's Kreutzer sonata


 Studies & notes

Evelyn Underhill, The musician and the mystic

Ernst Bloch, The harmony of the spheres

Denis de Rougemont, On the birth of a European music

George Valsamis, On the future of European music A guide to classical music Authenticity in the interpretation of music

Thomas Bulfinch, Apollo, Chiron & Pythagoras

Maria G. Amilburu, Kierkegaard's aesthetic realm of existence - with reference to Mozart's Don Giovanni

Mail: Ivan Moody on the future of the European music    



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