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Ellopos Guide to Classical Music


      THIS GUIDE aims at recognising critical stages of the so-called "classical" music, Europe's common and highest musical expression. I believe that pleasure is an essential element of the musical experience and I want this guide to give pleasure. However, the proposal of a guide assumes that our contact with music is not exhausted in this. In such a case we should only rely on taste and easy classifications, like "symphonic music", "chamber music", etc., for a more convenient administration of pleasure. We don't have here the "geniuses of all ages", but musical indications of the European thought and feeling.

        Ancestors (Ancient Greek Music [ 7c-] Gregorian Chant) First Forms: [12c-] Organum, Motet, Conductus [13c-]   The Radicals: Pérotin le Grand, Guillaume de Machaut [16c-] Palestrina [17c-] Monteverdi, Schütz Instruments & Soloists: Vivaldi [18c-] A Spring in the Middle: Bach, Mozart In Search for Music: [19c-]  Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Debussy In Search for Music - part II: [20c-]  Stravinsky, neoromanticism

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