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      IF you have a Windows 2K/XP (or later) computer, you don't need Greek unicode polytonic fonts to read Elpenor's Greek texts or polytonic texts on other sites, unless you wish to expand your choices and install even more. You are welcome to download freeware font types from this page or from pages carefully selected and linked to this page. Just pick what is more convenient for you to read with. Recommended: Old Standard, Theano Didot, Gentium, Georgia Greek, Asteria, Athena. Elpenor's layout is based on Windows' Palatino Linotype font, which most of you already have.



Georgia Greek  Asteria

Gentium Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

Georgia Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

Asteria Greek Unicode Polytonic Font



Old Standard 

Athena Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

Code2000 Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

Old Standard Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

Theano Didot 

Theano Didot Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

SBL Greek 

SBL Greek Unicode Polytonic Font

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Elpenor published here DIOXIPE, a unicode font containing greek polytonic characters.
It is removed because it is incomplete and it has some design problems.
If you still need it, please contact Elpenor, otherwise you can download Didot,
which is the exact same typeface (known also as "Apla"), and very well designed.

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