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Henry Morgenthau, The German Character

Five chapters from Morgenthauís book, Germany is our Problem, here published with an introductory note by Ellopos. Emphasis, in bold or italic letters, by Ellopos. Complete book in print.

Rediscovering the Path to Europe
Em. Macron, Rediscovering the Path to Europe

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Page 22



THE END OF GERMAN HEAVY INDUSTRY will do more than relieve the world of an intolerable fear of renewed aggression. It will relieve all Europe of the iron bonds which were made in Germany to confine the industries of the rest of the Continent within small, unnatural limits. Once set free from German chains, European industry in general will soon far more than replace the production taken from the Reich. The net result will be more steel, chemicals, electrical equipment, more jobs and fatter payrolls, in short, a rising standard of living for all the people in Europe, not just sixty million Germans.

The notion that German heavy industry is indispensable to the well-being of Europe is a myth sedulously nurtured by German propaganda over many years. Among those who are trying to keep it alive today are the men who did business with the German cartels in the past, to the profit of themselves and the ruin or near ruin of their own countries. But examined in the light of prewar facts and postwar probabilities, the theory breaks down at every point. In its place are the realities, which prove:

1. That Germany filled a relatively small proportion of Europe's needs.

2. That these needs could readily be supplied by other nations.

3. That if efficiency and common sense had been the only factors, other nations would have been supplying them long since. They were hampered by ruthless German trade practices.

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