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Victor Hugo, My Revenge is Fraternity!

Rediscovering the Path to Europe
Em. Macron, Rediscovering the Path to Europe

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II. Peace Congress in Lausanne: message, September 4 1869


Fellow citizens of the United States of Europe,

      ALLOW ME to give you this name, for the European Federal Republic is established in right and is waiting to be established in fact. You exist, therefore it exists. You confirm it by the union from which unity is taking shape. You are the beginning of a great future.

Alas, I am indeed not among those who would deny that a second war is necessary. What will this war be? A war of conquest. And what is the conquest to be made? The conquest of liberty.


III. Peace Congress in Lausanne: Closing Address, September 18, 1869


     SOCIALISM is vast, it is not narrow. It addresses the whole human problem. It embraces the entire social concept. While it poses important questions of labour and reward, it also proclaims the inviolability of human life, the abolition of murder in all its forms, the reduction of deprivation through education, a marvellous problem solved. It proclaims free and compulsory education. It proclaims the rights of women, the responsibilities of man. Finally it proclaims the sovereignty of the individual which is synonymous with liberty.

What is all of this? It is socialism. Yes. And it is the Republic!


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Cf.  Hugo, Variety, Eternity, Proportion: Time was the architect—Europe was the builder


Rediscovering the Path to Europe Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

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