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European Union Select Internet Resources

European Witness

The Blight of Asia

More links on Turkey


European history, at Tennessee Technological University

(A must see)

Political Philosophy Links and Texts

(A must see)

The History of the European Union

(Cut up a little! A chronology from 1946 to 2001)

Pro Europa - Important texts on the Culture of Europe and the European Union

European - The Culture & Society Beat

(Well organized. It contains links to specific countries)

Europe 2020 Virtual Seminars

(You can join at any time as observer or participant. One of the most interesting and useful European sites)

Open Directory - European Union

(Laconic - as advantage)

European history, at The Historical Text Archive

(Where history is more that the EU treaties)

Shuger, D. K. The Renaissance Bible: Scholarship, Sacrifice, and Subjectivity

European Integration History

European Studies

Education and Culture Directorate-General

The Europe of cultural co-operation

Philosophy and the Crisis of European Man, by E. Husserl (at Brad McCormick's home page)

Research work on European and Mediterranean people - Jean Cuisenier's home page

Enlarging the European Union

Where Will Europe Go in the 21st Century?

Interesting links on Turkey 


Social Theory and European Transformation: Is there a European Society?, by G. Delanty

The role of the European Union on the world stage, by The Rt Hon Chris Patten

The defects of European spatial planning

The voice of "authority": beyond the power words


The European Union: A Bibliography, by Osvaldo Croci 

A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union

Maps of Europe



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