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1 Ἐν1     ἀρχῇ2      ἦν34  Λόγος,5 καὶ64  Λόγος6 ἦν3
  In  the beginning was the Word,   and  the Word   was

2 πρὸς7 τὸν8 θεόν,9 καὶ6 θεὸς10 ἦν34  Λόγος.5 Οὗτος11
  with       God,         and  God    was    the Word.   This one

3 ἦν3 ἐν1      ἀρχῇ2      πρὸς7 τὸν8 θεόν.9 Πάντα12   δι'13
  was in  the beginning with       God.       All things by

  αὐτοῦ14 ἐγένετο,15 καὶ6 χωρὶς16 αὐτοῦ14 ἐγένετο15   οὐδὲ17
  him     were made, and  without   him     was made    not even

4 ἓν1819      γέγονεν.20     Ἐν1 αὐτῷ21  ζωὴ22  ἦν,3 καὶ6
  one thing which    has been made. In  him     life   was, and

523  ζωὴ22 ἦν3 τὸ24 φῶς25 τῶν26 ἀνθρώπων·27 καὶ6 τὸ24
  the  life      was   the  light       of men;           and  the

  φς25 ἐν1 τῇ28 σκοτίᾳ29 φαίνει,30 καὶ623 σκοτία31
  light in  the  darkness   shines,   and  the darkness

  αὐτὸ32 οὐ33 κατέλαβεν.34
  it     not  admitted.

.--Spell the Greek, giving the English equivalents of the consonants, (as in § 1,) and the exact phonetic value or sound of the vowels. Call the rough breathing h. Be careful to put the spoken accent where it is written. Continue this practice through all the passages given in the following lessons, until the words can be pronounced readily and accurately. Familiarize yourself with the forms of the letters by writing them. Let the pupil do this while learning the foregoing grammatical lessons, and after the recitation of each of them let the teacher direct attention, while the passage at the head of the reading lessons is pronounced, to the examples illustrating each point, as they occur--by way of paradigm.


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