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§ 87. Dative, denoting position, answering to Where? and expressed by at.

§ 88. "Local," involving the more palpable relations of position. This includes the place, (at, by, near, in the midst of; generally with ἐν, ἐπί, παρά, etc.,) association, accompaniment, (frequently with σύν,) and the time (as a date) or circumstances of a transaction.

§ 89. "Causal," denoting the object upon which the act or state appears, thus conceived as sharing in producing it, as follows:--

§ 90. Personal, either actually or so imagined. This includes words expressing a correlative idea, as community, (in varied relations,) likeness, possession, agency, reference, etc.

§ 91. Instrumental, as the mediate cause, e.g., the ground or reason, the means, the instrument, manner, and the measure of excess or deficiency.

§ 92. In comprehensive phrase the "attributive Dat." expresses many indirect relations of an object to or for which an act is performed or a condition sustained.


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