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Outline of Greek Grammar for the New Testament

LESSON III :  NOUNS   - Continued


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The Original Greek New Testament

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§ 32. The following are the terminations of the Third Declension:--


Singular. Cases. Plural.
Masc. and Fem. Neut. Masc. and Fem. Neut.
ς (or long vowel before final letter.) (naked stem.) Nominative. ες α
ος Genitive. ων
ι Dative. σι(ν)
ν or α (naked stem.) Accusative. ας α
(like Nom. or Neut.) (naked stem.) Vocative. ες α
Dual. Nom., Acc., Voc., ε; Gen., Dat., οιν.

§ 33.
The Nom. sing. is so often changed by the euphonic rules that the stem of the noun is best seen in the Gen. Nouns in ις, υς, and ευς take the (Attic) Gen. εως, (ω regarded as short.) The α of the Acc. sing. is usually after a consonant. Many irregularities and some anomalies occur, which may generally be learned from the lexicon.


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