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Outline of Greek Grammar for the New Testament

Synopsis of Verbs


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Regular Verb-Endings, (including mood-vowel.)


Active (includ. § 52.) Mid. and Pass. (except § 52.)
1 2 3 1 2 3
Ind.of Pres. and Fut. s. ω εις ει Ind. of Pres. and Fut. s. ομαι εται
p. ομεν ετε ουσι p. όμεθα εσθε ονται
Subjunctive throughout s. ω ης Subj. throughout (exc. Perf. Pass.4) s. ωμαι ηται
p. ωμεν ητε ωσι p. ώμεθα ησθε ωνται
Ind. of Perf. and 1 Aor. s. α ας ε Ind. of 1 Aor. Mid. s. άμην ω ατο
p. αμεν ατε ασι1 p. άμεθα ασθε αντο
Ind. of Imp. and 2 Aor. s. ον ες ε Ind. of Imp. and 2 Aor. Middle. s. όμην ου ετο
p. ομεν ετε ον p. όμεθα εσθε οντο
Ind. of Aor., Pass., & Opt.2 s. ην ης η Ind. of Perf. Pass.4 s. μαι σαι ται
p. ημεν ητε ησαν p. μεθα σθε νται
Indic. of Plup. s. ειν εις ει Ind. of Plup. Pass.4 s. μην σο το
p. ειμεν ειτε εισαν p. μεθα σθε ντο
Opt., exc. as ab've & bel'w s. οιμι οις οι Opt., exc. as bel'w (and Perf. Pass.4) s. οίμην οιο οιτο
p. οιμεν οιτε οιεν p. οίμεθα οισθε οιντο
Opt. of 1 Aor. s. αιμι αις αι Opt. of 1 Aor. Mid. s. αίμην αισο αιτο
p. αιμεν αιτε αιεν p. αίμεθα αισθε αιντο
Imp. of Pres., 2 Aor., & Perf. s. .... ε έτω Imper. of Pres. and 2 Aor. (Mid.) s. .... ου έσθω
p. .... ετε έτωσαν p. .... εσθε έσθωσαν
Imper. of 1 Aor. s. .... ον άτω Imper. of 1 Aor. Mid. s. .... αι άσθω
p. .... ατε άτωσαν p. .... ασθε άσθωσαν
Imper. of Aor. Pass. s. .... ηθι3 ήτω Imper. of 1 Perf. Pass.4 s. .... σο θω
p. .... ητε ήτωσαν p. .... σθε σθωσαν

1. But αν in 1st Aor.

2. The Opt. has an extra mood-diphthong, ει, before ending.

3. But ητι in 1st Aor., see § 14.

4. The Perf. and Plup. Pass. are often inflected periphrastically (especially in the Opt. and Subj.) by means of an auxiliary (from εἰμί, to be. with the participle.

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