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Cavafy Bilingual Anthology : IN THE MONTH ATHYR

from Poems 1916-18,  * Translated by Elpenor  * Greek Fonts


The Original Greek New Testament

ARDLY can I read    on the ancient stone.

"Lo[r]d Jesus Christ".    A "So[u]l" I discern.

"In the mo[nth] Athyr"    "Leukiu[s] s[le]pt".

At the mention of the age    "He li[ve]d years",

the Kappa Zeta* shows    that young slept he.

Amidst the perished words I see    "Hi[m] Alexandrean".

Afterwards three lines are there    very mutilated;

but some words I drag -    like "t[e]ars of ours", "grief",

then "tears" again,    and "for [u]s the [f]riends sorrow".

It seems to me that Leukius    great love behind him left.

In the month Athyr    Leukius slept.


* KZ in Greek denotes 27.


Ἐν τῷ μηνὶ Ἀθὺρ

Μὲ δυσκολία διαβάζω    στὴν πέτρα τὴν ἀρχαία.

"Κύ[ρι]ε Ἰησοῦ Χριστέ".    Ἕνα "Ψυ[χ]ὴν" διακρίνω.

"Ἐν τῷ μη[νὶ] Ἀθὺρ"    "ὁ Λεύκιο[ς] ἐ[κοιμ]ήθη".

Στὴ μνεία τῆς ἡλικίας    "Ἐβί[ωσ]εν ἐτῶν",

τὸ Κάππα Ζῆτα δείχνει    ποὺ νέος ἐκοιμήθη.

Μὲς στὰ φθαρμένα βλέπω    "Αὐτὸ[ν] ... Ἀλεξανδρέα".

Μετὰ ἔχει τρεῖς γραμμὲς    πολὺ ἀκρωτηριασμένες·

μὰ κάτι λέξεις βγάζω -    σὰν "δ[ά]κρυα ἡμῶν", "ὀδύνην",

κατόπιν πάλι "δάκρυα",     καὶ "[ἡμ]ῖν τοῖς [φ]ίλοις πένθος".

Μὲ φαίνεται ποὺ ὁ Λεύκιος    μεγάλως θ' ἀγαπήθη.

Ἐν τῷ μηνὶ Ἀθὺρ    ὁ Λεύκιος ἐκοιμήθη.


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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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