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Typika of Constantinople Monasteries


Coin of Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus Dragasis


Icon of the Christ and New Testament Reader

Constantinople : Like the golden wings of the pheasant when he flies

Videos about Byzantium and Orthodoxy

E-Mule link Discovery Channel, Byzantium - The Lost Empire (avi, Part 1: Building the Dream, Part 2: Heaven on Earth, Part 3: Forever and Ever

The Symbol of Faith, The Second Ecumenical Synod, Constantinople 381.

Christ as Word Gospel and Culture, by J. Meyendorff.

The Glory of God hidden in his creatures, by O. Clement.

Greek Orthodoxy - From Apostolic Times to the Present Day, by D. Constantelos.

Introduction of Christianity into Russia (A.D. 988-1015) - Conversion of Vladimir the Great, by A. N. Mouravieff.

Russian Pilgrims in Constantinople - including an index of shrines and relics in Constantinople, by G. Majeska (pdf)

The Missionary Task of the Byzantine Emperor, by P. Christou.

550 years since the fall of Constantinople - A Letter of the Serbian Patriarch Pavle to Christodoulos of Athens and all Greece

Ὀρθοδοξία, Καθολικισμός, Εὐρώπη - Ἐρωτήσεις καὶ Ἀπαντήσεις   Οἱ Ἀρχαῖοι Ἕλληνες   Ὁ Νέος Ἑλληνισμὸς καὶ ἡ Δύση  Τὸ βιο-μηχανικὸ πρόταγμα 

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Constantinople Home Page 



  Blocked from Europe by the impregnable walls of Constantinople and the unyielding spirit of the Emperor and his people, the armies of the Prophet were obliged to travel the entire length of the Mediterranean to the Straits of Gibraltar before they could invade the continent - thus extending their lines of communication and supply almost to breaking point and rendering impossible any permanent conquests beyond the Pyrenees. Had they captured Constantinople in the seventh century rather than the fifteenth, all Europe - and America - might be Muslim today.


From: J. J. Norwich, Byzantium, the Early Centuries


An anthology of the Greek Mystics (without translation)


Greek-Russian New Testament

Greek-English New Testament

Every time is suitable for your ablution, since any time may be your death. With Paul, I shout to you with that loud voice, "Behold now is the accepted time; behold Now is the day of salvation;" and that Now does not point to any one time, but is every present moment. - Gregory of Constantinople the Theologian

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Constantinople Home Page

Greek Literature - Ancient, Medieval, Modern

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