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The Fall


Coin of Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus Dragasis

Constantinople does not win so much with multitudes and arms, as with her virtue and word

Manuel II Palaeologus


The Original Greek New Testament


Venetians and Crusaders take Constantinople - Plunder of the Sacred Relics, by E. Pears 

Anna Comnena On the Crusaders * Robert of Clari, Latin Clergy Urge Conquest of Constantinople, The Sacred Relics of Constantinople *  Geoffrey of Villehardouin, The Latins Divide The Spoils * Nicetas Choniates, Destruction of Ancient Art in the Latin Sack of Constantinople * Eustathius of Thessalonica, Norman Atrocities and Devastation in Thessalonika * Nicholas Mesarites, Crusaders Run Wild in Constantinople 


Video on the Islamic Occupation of Constantinople, 1453

Turkey : The Blight of Asia / Monuments of barbarity

Constantine XI (1449-1453) and the capture of Constantinople, by Al. Vasilief

The capture of Constantinople by Turks, by D. Nicol

3 Posts on the Fall of Byzantium

Christianity and Islam, by Ph. Kontoglou

The Islamic View of Late Byzantium, by N. M. El-Cheikh

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   Emperors from Constantine I to Constantine XI Palaeologus contributed their strength to the empire. Contributions in encouraging the growth of the church, establishing the doctrine of the church, arranging the decoration of public places, and leading the army to battle, unified the other elements of the society with a common icon which the people could see. The final emperor was so close to his people he refused to flee Constantinople when its fall was eminent and fought to his own death with his people in defense of his empire.


From: J. Schwarz, Survival of the Byzantine Empire


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