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PG 96: John of Damascus with John of Nicaea, John the Patriarch of Constantinople, and Joannes Euboensis

PG 97: John Malalas, Andreas of Jerusalem, Elias of Crete and Theodore Abucara

PG 98: Germanus Patriach of Constantinople, Cosmas of Jerusalem, Gregory II, Anonymus Becuccianus, Pantaleon Deacon of Constantinople, Adrian the Monk, Epiphanius Deacon of Catania, Pachomius the Monk, Philotheus the Monk, and Tarasius Patriarch of Constantinople  

PG 99: Theodorus Studita

PG 100: Nicephorus Patriarch of Constantinople, Stephen Deacon of Constantinople, Gregorius Decapolita, Christophorus Patriarch of Alexandria, and Methodius Patriarch of Constantinople

PG 101: Photius of Constantinople

PG 102: Photius of Constantinople

PG 103: Photius of Constantinople

PG 104: Photius of Constantinople, Petrus Siculus, Peter bishop of Argos, and Bartholomew of Edessa

PG 105: Nicetas David Paphlago, Nicetas of Byzantium, Theognostus the Monk, Anonymous, and Josephus the Hymnographer

PG 106: Joseppus, Nicephorus the Philosopher, Andreas archbishop of Caesarea in Capadoccia, Arethas Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Joannes Geometra, Cosmas Vestitor, Leo Patricius, and Athanasius Bishop of Corinth, with other Greek works



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Icon of the Christ and New Testament Reader

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