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PG 107: Leo VI Roman Emperor

PG 108: Theophanes Abbot and Confessor, Unknown Author, Leo Grammaticus, and Anastasius Historian and Church Librarian

PG 109: Scriptores post Theophanem ex edit. Fr. Combefisii

PG 110: Georgius Monachus

PG 111: Nicholas Patriarch of Constantinople, Anonymous, Basilius Neopatrensis Metropolita, Basil Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Gregory Presbyter of Caesarea, Josephus Genesius, Moses son of Cepha in Syria, Theodorus Daphnopata, Nicephorus Presbyter of Constantinople, Eutychius Patriarch of Alexandria, and George the Monk

PG 112: Constantine Porphyrogenitus

PG 113: Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Nicon the Monk in Crete, and Theodosius the Deacon

PG 114: Symeon Metaphrastes

PG 115: Symeon Metaphrastes

PG 116: Symeon Metaphrastes

PG 117: Leon Diaconus with Hyppolitu Thebanus, Georgides Monachus, Ignatius Diaconus, Nilus, Christophorus Protoasecretis, Michael Hamartolus, Anonymus, and Suidas



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Icon of the Christ and New Testament Reader

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