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PG 86b: Leontius Byzantinus (continuation), Ephraimus of Antioch, Paulus Silentiarus, Eutychius of Constantinople, Evagrius the scholar, Eulogius of Alexandria, Simeon Stylita Junior, Zacharias Hierosolymitanus, Modesta Hierosolymitanus, Jobius, Erechthius of Antioch and Peter of Laodecia.

PG 87a: Procopius of Gaza

PG 87b: Procopius of Gaza

PG 87c: Procopius of Gaza, Joannes Moschus, Sophronius, and Alexander Monachus

PG 88: Cosmas Indicopleustes, Constantine the Deacon, Joannes Climacus, Agathias Myrinae, Gregory of Antioch, Joannes Jejunator the Partriarch of Constantinople

PG 89: Anastasius of Sinai, Anastasius of Antioch, Anastasius Abbot of Euthymius, Anastasius IV Patriarch of Antioch, and Antiochus of Sabe

PG 90: Maximus the Confessor

PG 91: Maximus the Confessor, Thalassius the Abbot, and Theodore the Abbot Raithuensis

PG 92: Paschal Chronicle

PG 93: Olympiodorus Deacon of Alexandria, Hesychius, Leontius of Neapolis in Cyprus, and Leontius of Damascus

PG 94: John of Damascus

PG 95: John of Damascus



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