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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Aeschylus Bilingual Anthology : THE TECHNOLOGY OF A NEW GOD

from Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, * Lines 49-50, 246-270, 442-471, 476-506 , 542-551, 937-941
* Translated by G. M. Cookson, *
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(CH) And have frail mortals now the flame-bright fire?

(P) Yea, and shall master many arts thereby.

(CH) And Zeus with such misfeasance charging thee-

(P) Torments me with extremity of woe.

(CH) And is no end in prospect of thy pains?

(P) None; save when he shall choose to make an end.

(CH) How should he choose? What hope is thine? Dost thou Not see that thou hast erred? But how thou erredst Small pleasure were to me to tell; to the
Exceeding sorrow. Let it go then: rather
Seek thou for some deliverance from thy woes.

(P) He who stands free with an untrammelled foot Is quick to counsel and exhort a friend In trouble. But all these things I know well. Of my free will, my own free will, I erred, And freely do I here acknowledge it. Freeing mankind myself have durance found. Natheless, I looked not for sentence so dread, High on this precipice to droop and pine, Having no neighbour but the desolate crags.

(Χο.) καὶ νῦν φλογωπὸν πῦρ ἔχουσ΄ ἐφήμεροι;

(Πρ.) ἀφ΄ οὗ γε πολλὰς ἐκμαθήσονται τέχνας.

(Χο.) τοιοῖσδε δή σε Ζεὺς ἐπ΄ αἰτιάμασιν

(Πρ.) αἰκίζεταί γε κοὐδαμῇ χαλᾷ κακῶν.

(Χο.) οὐδ΄ ἔστιν ἄθλου τέρμα σοι προκείμενον;

(Πρ.) οὐκ ἄλλο γ΄ οὐδέν͵ πλὴν ὅταν κείνῳ δοκῇ.

(Χο.) δόξει δὲ πῶς; τίς ἐλπίς; οὐχ ὁρᾷς ὅτι ἥμαρτες; ὡς δ΄ ἥμαρτες οὔτ΄ ἐμοὶ λέγειν καθ΄ ἡδονὴν σοί τ΄ ἄλγος. ἀλλὰ ταῦτα μὲν μεθῶμεν͵ ἄθλου δ΄ ἔκλυσιν ζήτει τινά.

(Πρ.) ἐλαφρὸν ὅστις πημάτων ἔξω πόδα ἔχει παραινεῖν νουθετεῖν τε τοὺς κακῶς πράσσοντας· εὖ δὲ ταῦτα πάντ΄ ἠπιστάμην. ἑκὼν ἑκὼν ἥμαρτον͵ οὐκ ἀρνήσομαι· θνητοῖς ἀρήγων αὐτὸς ηὑρόμην πόνους. οὐ μήν τι ποιναῖς γ΄ ᾠόμην τοίαισί με κατισχνανεῖσθαι πρὸς πέτραις πεδαρσίοις͵ τυχόντ΄ ἐρήμου τοῦδ΄ ἀγείτονος πάγου.

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