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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Aeschylus Bilingual Anthology : THE TECHNOLOGY OF A NEW GOD

from Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, * Lines 49-50, 246-270, 442-471, 476-506 , 542-551, 937-941
* Translated by G. M. Cookson, *
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RATOS:) all things are a burden save to rule Over the Gods; for none is free but Zeus. 


(P) Yea, to my friends a woeful sight am I.

(CH) Hast not more boldly in aught else transgressed?

(P) I took from man expectancy of death.

(CH) What medicine found'st thou for this malady?

(P) I planted blind hope in the heart of him.

(CH) A mighty boon thou gavest there to man.

(P) Moreover, I conferred the gift of fire.

Πᾶσαι τέχναι βροτοῖσιν ἐκ Προμηθέως

(Κράτος) ἅπαντ΄ ἐπαχθῆ πλὴν θεοῖσι κοιρανεῖν. ἐλεύθερος γὰρ οὔτις ἐστὶ πλὴν Διός.


(Πρ.) καὶ μὴν φίλοις ἐλεινὸς εἰσορᾶν ἐγώ.

(Χο.) μή πού τι προύβης τῶνδε καὶ περαιτέρω;

(Πρ.) θνητούς γ΄ ἔπαυσα μὴ προδέρκεσθαι μόρον.

(Χο.) τὸ ποῖον εὑρὼν τῆσδε φάρμακον νόσου;

(Πρ.) τυφλὰς ἐν αὐτοῖς ἐλπίδας κατῴκισα.

(Χο.) μέγ΄ ὠφέλημα τοῦτ΄ ἐδωρήσω βροτοῖς.

(Πρ.) πρὸς τοῖσδε μέντοι πῦρ ἐγώ σφιν ὤπασα.

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