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Aeschylus Bilingual Anthology : NOBODY'S SLAVES

from Aeschylus' The Persians Lines 175-214, 230-245, 585-599, 739-752 * Translated by R. Potter
from Aeschylus' The Seven Against Thebes Lines 142-152, and The Epitaph * Translated by Elpenor, * Greek Fonts

Page 4

(Q.) What monarch reigns, whose power commands their ranks? 

(Ch.) Slaves to no lord, they own no kingly power. 

(Q.) How can they then resist the invading foe? 

(Ch.) As to spread havoc through the numerous host, That round Darius form'd their glitt'ring files. 

(Q.) Thy words strike deep, and wound the parent's breast Whose sons are march'd to such a dangerous field. 

(Ch.) The Persian law No more shall Asia's realms revere; To their lord's hand At his command, No more the exacted tribute bear. Who now falls prostrate at the monarch's throne? His regal greatness is no more. Now no restraint the wanton tongue shall own, Free from the golden curb of power; For on the rocks, wash'd by the beating flood, His awe commanding nobles lie in blood. [...]

(Βα.) τίς δὲ ποιμάνωρ ἔπεστι κἀπιδεσπόζει στρατῷ;

(Χο.) οὔτινος δοῦλοι κέκληνται φωτὸς οὐδ΄ ὑπήκοοι.

(Βα.) πῶς ἂν οὖν μένοιεν ἄνδρας πολεμίους ἐπήλυδας;

(Χο.) ὥστε Δαρείου πολύν τε καὶ καλὸν φθεῖραι στρατόν.

(Βα.) δεινά τοι λέγεις κιόντων τοῖς τεκοῦσι φροντίσαι. […]


(Χο.) τοὶ δ΄ ἀνὰ γᾶν Ἀσίαν δὴν οὐκέτι περσονομοῦνται͵ οὐδ΄ ἔτι δασμοφοροῦσιν δεσποσύνοισιν ἀνάγκαις͵ οὐδ΄ ἐς γᾶν προπίτνοντες ἅζονται· βασιλεία γὰρ διόλωλεν ἰσχύς. οὐδ΄ ἔτι γλῶσσα βροτοῖσιν ἐν φυλακαῖς· λέλυται γὰρ λαὸς ἐλεύθερα βάζειν͵ ὡς ἐλύθη ζυγὸν ἀλκᾶς. αἱμαχθεῖσα δ΄ ἄρουραν Αἴαντος περικλύστα νᾶσος ἔχει τὰ Περσῶν.[…]

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