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Aeschylus Bilingual Anthology : NOBODY'S SLAVES

from Aeschylus' The Persians Lines 175-214, 230-245, 585-599, 739-752 * Translated by R. Potter
from Aeschylus' The Seven Against Thebes Lines 142-152, and The Epitaph * Translated by Elpenor, * Greek Fonts

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(Chorus) Far in the west, where sets the imperial sun. 

(Queen) Yet my son will'd the conquest of this town. 

(Ch.) May Greece through all her states bend to his power! 

(Q) Send they embattled numbers to the field? 

(Ch.) A force that to the Medes hath wrought much wo. 

(Q.) Have they sufficient treasures in their houses? 

(Ch.) Their rich earth yields a copious fount of silver. 

(Q.) From the strong bow wing they the barbed shaft? 

(Ch.) They grasp the stout spear, and the massy shield.

(Χο.) τῆλε πρὸς δυσμαῖς ἄνακτος Ἡλίου φθινασμάτων.

(Βα.) ἀλλὰ μὴν ἵμειρ΄ ἐμὸς παῖς τήνδε θηρᾶσαι πόλιν;

(Χο.) πᾶσα γὰρ γένοιτ΄ ἂν Ἑλλὰς βασιλέως ὑπήκοος.

(Βα.) ὧδέ τις πάρεστιν αὐτοῖς ἀνδροπλήθεια στρατοῦ;

(Χο.) καὶ στρατὸς τοιοῦτος ͵ ἔρξας πολλὰ δὴ Μήδους κακά.

(Βα.) καὶ τί πρὸς τούτοισιν ἄλλο; πλοῦτος ἐξαρκὴς δόμοις;

(Χο.) ἀργύρου πηγή τις αὐτοῖς ἐστι͵ θησαυρὸς χθονός.

(Βα.) πότερα γὰρ τοξουλκὸς αἰχμὴ διὰ χεροῖν αὐτοῖς πρέπει;

(Χο.) οὐδαμῶς· ἔγχη σταδαῖα καὶ φεράσπιδες σαγαί.

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