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What is the part other people play in my work, as I search for the truth and try to write?

Jaspers: Truth is in communication

From: Karl Jaspers, Reason and Existenz


  Both what man is and what is for him are in some sense bound up with communication. The Encompassing which we are is, in every form, communication; the Encompassing which is Being itself exists for us only insofar as it achieves communicability by becoming speech or becoming utterable. ... Truth therefore cannot be separated from communicability. It only appears in time as a reality-through-communication. Abstracted from communication, truth hardens into an unreality. The movement of communication is at one and the same time the preservation of, and the search for, the truth... In general then, it applies to my being, my authenticity, and my grasp of the truth that, not only factually am I not for myself alone, but I cannot even become myself alone without emerging out of my being with others... Read Complete  

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