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   How to write a good creative essay?   There was a child once  (or, "What can I say about a poem?...")  Human nature and experience (or, "How can I prove that...")   Grass & traits (or, "What's the meaning of...")


Creative Writing @ Yahoo
Study web
Homework help
NovelGuide: novel analysis

Repositories of primary sources
Glossary of poetic terms
Literary and critical terms


Bible * Classical Antiquity * Late Antiquity * The Medieval World  * General Christian Resources * Philosophy * Etexts and Dictionaries 


Letter to a young poet


Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant (& a downloadable version)
OWL at Purdue University
Student Essay Network
On Being Clear in Writing and Speaking: The Teacher and The Learner in You  


ELLOPOS (Anyone may ask to publish, but all submissions are reviewed by the editor; a highly authoritative place to publish)

ABCtales (Anyone can upload a story or poem and the best are selected for paid publication)
Out of the Cube (Read, Write, and Debate Articles!)

Ask the Writers! : texts by Plato, Pascal, Poe, Orwell, Franklin, Chekhov, Kierkegaard, Aristotle, Keats, Joyce, Hegel, Coleridge, Augustine, Eliot, Somerset Maugham, Cavafy, Emerson, DeQuincey, Bacon, An. France, A.C.Doyle, Rilke ... 

Meister Eckhart * David Copperfield * Salinger * Elpenor's Forum * Writing Community

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