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LPENOR is built around a Bilingual Anthology of all periods of Greek literature, including Homer, Lyric poets, Presocratic philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, Tragedy and Comedy, the Byzantine Fathers, Modern Greek poets, the New Testament, the Greek Old Testament (Septuagint), a web site for the Christ and another one for Athos Holy Mount, even an ever-growing collection of Inspirational Quotes.

ANGUAGE pages feature free Lessons in Ancient Greek, starting from the Greek alphabet, continuing with Homer and combining grammar and syntax with an attempt to understand the value of the texts and of language itself for our life today.

OMPLEMENTARY to these come two more Libraries, on how we see Our Greek self, and on what we can Find on-line on Greek Speaking, History, Places, Texts, including a special section on Constantinople, and galleries with Orthodox Icons of the Christ, Modern Greek Paintings on Christianity and Childhood, Mosaics of Daphni Monastery, Photos from Greece.

LPENOR'S Forum, named Koinonia, archives discussions on such subjects as Interpretation, Speaking Greek, European Union, New hellenism, Greece before Christ, News & Announcements.

    There is a Help section with Greek fonts and instructions on how to write or read Greek on your computer. You have access to Elpenor's main departments through the top and bottom menus of each page. You can also download Internet Shortcuts for easy access to this and all Ellopos sites, and even Install Ellopos Easy Search, to have Ellopos available in the engines of your browser. If you like Elpenor, let your friends know / put a link in other sites or directories and make a donation!

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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