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Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House  

Page 5 (General Dickens Resources )

Dickens Humour: An Anthology    *     The 1861 Atlantic Monthly review of the Great Expectations.

Takao Saijo, Mr. Wopsle and Pip (PDF)   *     The Workhouse.

Familial Relationships in Great Expectations: The Search for Identity, by Anthony F. Franco

British history 1700-1900: Child Labour.   *   Working Conditions/Child Labour/"Slopwork", by Felix Silverio

Childhood Mortality by Mary Johnston   *   Childhood by Cathy Edgar

Dickens' London Map    *     The City as Hero:Victorian London in Life and Literature

A Division of Labor:How Charles Dickens' Fiction and Journalism Work Together, by Michael Dube. - It isn't remarkable for its interpretative virtues, but it offers an interesting tour through some of Dickens' fiction and journalism.

Charles Dickens Journal.   *    Nicholas Clark, From Barnaby Rudge to Martin Chuzzlewit: Dickens's Disillusionment with the United States.


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