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Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House  

Page 4 (General Dickens Resources )

Steve Shaffer's Charles Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities Site

Charles Dickens' works, at Great Books and Classics

Great Books Index - Charles Dickens    *    PSU's Electronic Classics Series Charles Dickens Site.

John Forster, "The Life of Charles Dickens", (The Dickens Page). Cf. A Journal of the Life of Charles Dickens.  

Charles Dickens - Gad's Hill Place, with information about Dickens' childhood and friends, A summary of key events in his life, and more...

F.O.C. Darley, "An Illustrator for all times". Cf. the Dickens' Illustrations Page, a section of David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page, one of the best sites of its kind. Cf. also The Phiz Illustrations of David Copperfield

The Last Days of Dickens: Mamie Dickens: My Father as I recall him (Chapter VI).

 Survive Dickens' London: a flash game     *      Dickens Research Web Sites. A massive collection of links.

George Gissing: Charles Dickens: A Critical Study, and The Immortal Dickens. Cf. Gissing's Writings On Dickens, A Bio-bibliographical Survey, by Pierre Coustillas - together with two uncollected reviews by George Gissing from The Times Literary Supplement (Mr. Swinburne on Dickens & Mr. Kitton's Life of Dickens).

Sir Henry Fielding Dickens, Memories of my Father


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