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Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

Dickens Copperfield Essays & Study Tools

Sebastian Lehner, David Copperfield as an example of the Victorian socio-critical novel

Gurujee, David Copperfield : The importance of a Liberal and Moral Education

Gurujee, Dickens Biography and Works

David Daiches : Dickens' World ||| Chesterton's David Copperfield

Chapter Summary of David Copperfield

Dickens writes on Children, Schools, Teaching and Learning 

Who is the hero of David's life? ||| The Undisciplined Heart

Wilkins Micawber: The Story Within ||| Dickens & Andersen - so close, so far away!

Understanding Dickens' tenses ||| Who's who in David Copperfield 

Cambridge History of English and American Literature: References to David Copperfield

Selections from the David Copperfield Forum:

Autobiographical elements     David Copperfield and the notion of the hero
Humorous scenes in David Copperfield     Social criticism in David Copperfield
Poverty in David Copperfield     • David Copperfield Characters
The influence of Agnes over David      Agnes-David-Dora Love Triangle
The exact setting which the story takes place 

David Copperfield Dictionary

Cf. the Dickens' Copperfield Forum and the Dickens Selective On-line Resources

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