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Words many people don't know when reading David Copperfield
There is a wish list - missing definitions you are very welcome to contribute

Read definitions of :
 * Capricious * Caul   * Doctors' Commons * Precipice
* Precipitation * Proctor * Remittance * Strait-waistcoat


Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House  

Page 9

Wish list

Choose one or more of these words and send its definition.
Use of the context in the novel will be appreciated.

admonish, affliction, amicable, anathema, appalling, apprehension, arbitrary, attire, aversion, Define a word ! benevolent, benign notorious, boisterous, Define a word ! caper, chandler, compassionate, complacent, composure, condescend, condolence, conflagration, constrain, countenance, cranky, cravat, Define a word ! decease deferential, defiant, delirious, demure, denunciation, deplorable, despondency, despondent, dreary, dreary, Define a word ! endeavor, ensue, esteem, exhort, exquisite, extenuate, Define a word ! falsify, formidable, Define a word ! hamlet, hover, humiliation, Define a word ! immortalize, impetuous, indignation, inflict, invocation, Define a word ! jovial, Define a word ! lackadaisical, languor forlorn, latent, loiter allusion, Define a word ! malignant, meander, meditation, melancholy, missive, munificence, Define a word ! oblige, odious, oppression, oppressive, oration, Define a word ! partial, patrician, pecuniary, peep, perish, posthumous, prediction, premise,Define a word ! rapturous, reckless, remonstrance, remorse, restorative, reverential, rheumatic, Define a word ! sanguine saunter, scanty, shilling, slumber, solicitous, solitary, sputter, stammer, stroll, sustain, Define a word ! tantalize, tinker, toil, tranquil, trepidation, Define a word ! urn, Define a word ! valiant, veneration, verify, vestige apprehension, Define a word ! warrant, whiff, wretched

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