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'In agro dominico' - March 27, 1329
The papal bull condemning Meister Eckhart 

Articles 4-6 : Good and Evil


The Original Greek New Testament

The fourth article. Also, in every work, even in an evil, Ι repeat, in one evil both according to punishment and guilt, God's glory is revealed and shines forth in equal fashion. 

The fifth article. Also, a person who disparages someone, by the disparagement itself, that is, by the sin of disparaging, praises God; and the more he disparages and the more gravely he sins, the more he praises God. 

The sixth article. Also, anyone who blasphemes God himself praises God. 

* * *

Notes by Ellopos 


The scandal that these articles try to avoid, is what seemed to be a justification of everything. Worshipping God, to the degree that it involved moral commands, would become irrelevant, since all actions praise God. 

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