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’And I,’ he says. ‘I the European intellect, what is to become of me? What is peace? It is perhaps a state of things in which Man's natural hostility towards his fellow expresses itself in creation rather than degenerating into the destruction of war. It is a time of creative competition, of the struggle of products. But I, am I not tired of producing? Have I not exhausted the desire for extreme attempts and have I not abused scholarly mixtures? Must I leave aside my difficult duties and my transcendent ambitions? Must I follow the trend and imitate Polonius, who is now directing a major newspaper? Or Laertes who is somewhere in aviation? Or Rosenkrantz, who is doing I know not what under a Russian name?’

Valery, What is to become of the European Spirit?

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D.A. Storm's Website On Kierkegaard

This web site is primarily devoted to developing an online commentary on the writings of the nineteenth century existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. The site is dedicated to "That Solitary Individual".Add a note!Read more...


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Reading Classics Gateway

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Is less more?

Minimalism often took to an extreme credos pioneered by previous waves of abstract art. Those artists were tired of art as an illusion, a trick by which one object represents something else. They wanted the work to be stripped of such artifice, pared down to the bare essentials so that the viewer looks only at the thing itself (rather than a picture or sculpture of something).Add a note!Read more...

Stravinsky on euthanasia

One doctor has stated that "anyone over sixty-five should not be resuscitated if his heart stopped." (But Schoenberg dramatized his own resuscitation by a needle directly into the heart, at an age well beyond that, in his String Trio.) And another doctor has argued that our already overstrained medical resources should not be wasted on anyone over eighty and very ill. (But I was both when I wrote my Variations and Canticles, and they are superior, I think, to some of the music I was writing in my early seventies.)Add a note!Read more...


Giannopoulos, The Greek Line and the Greek Color

In defence of high culture

This independent and forthright opinion is typical of the New Criterion, a magazine so committed to high culture that it refuses, on principal, to run movie reviews. As it enters its 20th year of publication, it remains one of the liveliest and most controversial cultural journals in North America. To its many admirers, the monthly magazine is a brave defender of the beleaguered values of high art in a cultural environment poisoned by political correctness. To an equally large number of detractors, The New Criterion is the dour and dyspeptic voice of cultural reactionaries who inflexibly reject new developments in art.Add a note!

Realism in Kabuki of the Early Nineteenth Century


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