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Why Europe?


   ... The European Union was founded at a time when European nations were falling into the void; ... she was founded mainly upon the agony of survival; therefore, the landing place can not be but a jungle. Whatever wealth and power the European Union might achieve, she will have it within a constant struggle for survival.

    Even if another World War doesn't follow in the form that we know, in the war that is being prepared right now before our eyes, the enemy will be our life, our personal relationships, social life, family, work - everything will become burdensome and disappointment will always grow. Values stolen from a history thrown to the margin, will be more and more corrupted in the course of time, they will become unrecognisable and then unthinkable, until Europe will collapse in the dust of hypocrisy, scheming and barbarity. ...

   ... Today, the various Christian denominations, swirling in the void of their fragmentation, are, or ought to be, in a very difficult position, whenever they decide to talk about the future of the European Union. One immediately wonders how they talk at all - even a little, even in a mild voice, even in words of wisdom... - , one immediately thinks, what kind of a Union can they want or imagine they can strengthen and support, the Churches, when they are not able to unite even themselves! Is it not absurd, what for centuries and even now separates and divides them and all of us, to be proposed as an inspiration for our union? ...

  ... It must be considered certain that with the first serious difficulties the European Union will be ready to collapse. As long as there are no great difficulties, she will survive, but constantly without meaning - no matter how many museums may be founded or universities or whatever - Europe can not make sense, she can not have a real meaning and essential unity without a soul, that is, as long as the Churches remain divided - therefore, the day the European Union was founded, she immediately entered the orbit of her destruction ... (Read complete).

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