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Can a landscape become a teacher? What is the nature of clarity?

Pericles Giannopoulos, Divine Appearances : The Greek Line & the Greek Color


    ... TURN your back to the falling sun and watch the fully lighted Acropolis. Watch the rising hill with its pine-trees, olive-trees, and the finest lines. Watch the outgoing curving side of the rose-colored rocks from its gate to Herodeion and beyond; all light like baltasar letters. Watch the Propylaia, the appearing Parthenon -an artistic piece of work, wonderful, natural flower, harmonized and expressing it - they are all lighting and shining. And you just think they do not look the way they used to, because the time crunched , rain washed the colors, the wound fattened and strengthened the lines. Just visualize that you stand at Propylaia; visualize you have before you a modern building. All the architectural and sculptural details, periods, phrases, words, points, commas, all are easily read, the way letters of a newspaper held in your hands are. It is the complete Greek of everything in everything Clarity... Read Complete

                Cf. Images of Greece * Oscar Wilde, I stood upon the soil of Greece at last! * Jules Verne, Not anyone can see Naxos on the moon! * Mark Twain, Seeing Athens by stealth and moonlight * W. Davis, The Physical Setting of Athens

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