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Three Millennia of Greek Literature
Physis : World Creation  
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Septuagint GENESIS - 29

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10 And it came to pass when Jacob saw Rachel the daughter of Laban, his mother's brother, and the sheep of Laban, his mother's brother, that Jacob came and rolled away the stone from the mouth of the well, and watered the sheep of Laban, his mother's brother. 11 And Jacob kissed Rachel, and cried with a loud voice and wept. 12 And he told Rachel that he was the near relative of her father, and the son of Rebecca; and she ran and reported to her father according to these words. 13 And it came to pass when Laban heard the name of Jacob, his sister's son, he ran to meet him, and embraced and kissed him, and brought him into his house; and he told Laban all these sayings. 14 And Laban said to him, Thou art of my bones and of my flesh; and he was with him a full month. 15 And Laban said to Jacob, Surely thou shalt not serve me for nothing, because thou art my brother; tell me what thy reward is to be. 16 Now Laban had two daughters, the name of the elder was Lea, and the name of the younger, Rachel. 17 And the eyes of Lea were weak. But Rachel was beautiful in appearance, and exceedingly fair in countenance. 18 And Jacob loved Rachel, and said, I will serve thee seven years for thy younger daughter Rachel. 19 And Laban said to him, [It is] better that I should give her to thee, than that I should give her to another man; dwell with me. 20 And Jacob served for Rachel seven years, and they were before him as a few days, by reason of his loving her.

10 ἐγένετο δέ, ὡς εἶδεν ᾿Ιακὼβ τὴν Ραχὴλ τὴν θυγατέρα Λάβαν τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ τῆς μητρὸς αὐτοῦ, καὶ τὰ πρόβατα Λάβαν τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ τῆς μητρὸς αὐτοῦ, καὶ προσελθὼν ᾿Ιακὼβ ἀπεκύλισε τὸν λίθον ἀπὸ τοῦ στόματος τοῦ φρέατος καὶ ἐπότιζε τὰ πρόβατα Λάβαν τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ τῆς μητρὸς αὐτοῦ. 11 καὶ ἐφίλησεν ᾿Ιακὼβ τὴν Ραχήλ· καὶ βοήσας τῇ φωνῇ αὐτοῦ ἔκλαυσε. 12 καὶ ἀπήγγειλε τῇ Ραχήλ, ὅτι ἀδελφὸς τοῦ πατρὸς αὐτῆς ἐστι καὶ ὅτι υἱὸς Ρεβέκκας ἐστί, καὶ δραμοῦσα ἀπήγγειλε τῷ πατρὶ αὐτῆς κατὰ τά ρήματα ταῦτα. 13 ἐγένετο δέ, ὡς ἤκουσε Λάβαν τὸ ὄνομα ᾿Ιακὼβ τοῦ υἱοῦ τῆς ἀδελφῆς αὐτοῦ, ἔδραμεν εἰς συνάντησιν αὐτῷ καὶ περιλαβὼν αὐτὸν ἐφίλησε καὶ εἰσήγαγεν αὐτὸν εἰς τὸν οἶκον αὐτοῦ. καὶ διηγήσατο τῷ Λάβαν πάντας τοὺς λόγους τούτους. 14 καὶ εἶπεν αὐτῷ Λάβαν· ἐκ τῶν ὀστῶν μου καὶ ἐκ τῆς σαρκός μου εἶ σύ. καὶ ἦν μετ᾿ αὐτοῦ μῆνα ἡμερῶν. 15 Εἶπε δὲ Λάβαν τῷ ᾿Ιακώβ· ὅτι γὰρ ἀδελφός μου εἶ, οὐ δουλεύσεις μοι δωρεάν· ἀπάγγειλόν μοι, τίς ὁ μισθός σου ἐστί; 16 τῷ δὲ Λάβαν ἦσαν δύο θυγατέρες, ὄνομα τῇ μείζονι Λεία, καὶ ὄνομα τῇ νεωτέρᾳ Ραχήλ. 17 οἱ δὲ ὀφθαλμοὶ Λείας ἀσθενεῖς, Ραχὴλ δὲ ἦν καλὴ τῷ εἴδει καὶ ὡραία τῇ ὄψει σφόδρα. 18 ἠγάπησε δὲ ᾿Ιακὼβ τὴν Ραχὴλ καὶ εἶπε· δουλεύσω σοι ἑπτὰ ἔτη περὶ Ραχὴλ τῆς θυγατρός σου τῆς νεωτέρας. 19 εἶπε δὲ αὐτῷ Λάβαν· βέλτιον δοῦναί με αὐτήν σοι, ἢ δοῦναί με αὐτὴν ἀνδρὶ ἑτέρῳ· οἴκησον μετ᾿ ἐμοῦ. 20 καὶ ἐδούλευσεν ᾿Ιακὼβ περὶ Ραχὴλ ἑπτὰ ἔτη, καὶ ἦσαν ἐναντίον αὐτοῦ ὡς ἡμέραι ὀλίγαι, παρὰ τὸ ἀγαπᾷν αὐτὸν αὐτήν.

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature


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