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Three Millennia of Greek Literature
Physis : World Creation  
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Septuagint GENESIS - 21

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ND the Lord visited Sarrha, as he said, and the Lord did to Sarrha, as he spoke. 2 And she conceived and bore to Abraam a son in old age, at the set time according as the Lord spoke to him. 3 And Abraam called the name of his son that was born to him, whom Sarrha bore to him, Isaac. 4 And Abraam circumcised Isaac on the eighth day, as God commanded him. 5 And Abraam was a hundred years old when Isaac his son was born to him. 6 And Sarrha said, The Lord has made laughter for me, for whoever shall hear shall rejoice with me. 7 And she said, Who shall say to Abraam that Sarrha suckles a child? for I have born a child in my old age. 8 And the child grew and was weaned, and Abraam made a great feast the day that his son Isaac was weaned. 9 And Sarrha having seen the son of Agar the Egyptian who was born to Abraam, sporting with Isaac her son, 10 then she said to Abraam, Cast out this bondwoman and her son, for the son of this bondwoman shall not inherit with my son Isaac. 11 But the word appeared very hard before Abraam concerning his son.

ΚΑΙ Κύριος ἐπεσκέψατο τὴν Σάρραν, καθὰ εἶπε, καὶ ἐποίησε Κύριος τῇ Σάρρᾳ καθὰ ἐλάλησε, 2 καὶ συλλαβοῦσα ἔτεκε τῷ ῾Αβραὰμ υἱὸν εἰς τὸ γῆρας, εἰς τὸν καιρόν, καθὰ ἐλάλησεν αὐτῷ Κύριος. 3 καὶ ἐκάλεσεν ῾Αβραὰμ τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ υἱοῦ αὐτοῦ τοῦ γενομένου αὐτῷ, ὃν ἔτεκεν αὐτῷ Σάρρα, ᾿Ισαάκ. 4 περιέτεμε δὲ ῾Αβραὰμ τὸν ᾿Ισαὰκ τῇ ἡμέρᾳ τῇ ὀγδόῃ, καθὰ ἐνετείλατο αὐτῷ ὁ Θεός. 5 καὶ ῾Αβραὰμ ἦν ἑκατὸν ἐτῶν, ἡνίκα ἐγένετο αὐτῷ ᾿Ισαὰκ ὁ υἱὸς αὐτοῦ. 6 εἶπε δὲ Σάρρα· γέλωτά μοι ἐποίησε Κύριος· ὃς γὰρ ἂν ἀκούσῃ, συγχαρεῖταί μοι. 7 καὶ εἶπε· τίς ἀναγγελεῖ τῷ ῾Αβραάμ, ὅτι θηλάζει παιδίον Σάρρα; ὅτι ἔτεκον υἱὸν ἐν τῷ γήρᾳ μου. 8 Καὶ ηὐξήθη τὸ παιδίον καὶ ἀπεγαλακτίσθη, καὶ ἐποίησεν ῾Αβραὰμ δοχὴν μεγάλην, ᾗ ἡμέρᾳ ἀπεγαλακτίσθη ᾿Ισαὰκ ὁ υἱὸς αὐτοῦ. 9 ἰδοῦσα δὲ Σάρρα τὸν υἱὸν ῎Αγαρ τῆς Αἰγυπτίας, ὃς ἐγένετο τῷ ῾Αβραάμ, παίζοντα μετὰ ᾿Ισαὰκ τοῦ υἱοῦ αὐτῆς· 10 καὶ εἶπε τῷ ῾Αβραάμ· ἔκβαλε τὴν παιδίσκην ταύτην καὶ τὸν υἱὸν αὐτῆς· οὐ γὰρ μὴ κληρονομήσει ὁ υἱὸς τῆς παιδίσκης ταύτης μετὰ τοῦ υἱοῦ μου ᾿Ισαάκ. 11 σκληρὸν δὲ ἐφάνη τὸ ρῆμα σφόδρα ἐναντίον ῾Αβραὰμ περὶ τοῦ υἱοῦ αὐτοῦ.

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature


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