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12 Ὁσοι1    δὲ2      ἔλαβον3  αὐτόν,4 ἔδωκεν5 αὐτοῖς6 ἐξσυσίαν7
   Whoever, however, received him,    he gave to them privilege

   τέκνα8      θεοῦ9 γενέσθαι,10 τοῖς11       πιστεύουσιν12 εἰς13 τὸ14
   children of God   to become,  to the ones believing     to    the

13 ὄνομα15 αὐτοῦ·16 οἳ17 οὐκ18 ἐξ19 αἱμάτων,20 οὐδὲ21 ἐκ
   name    of him;  who  not   out  of bloods, nor    out of

   θελήματος22 σαρκός,23 οὐδὲ ἐκ  θελήματος22 ἀνδρός,24 ἀλλ'25 ἐκ
   will        of flesh, nor  out of will     of man,   but    out

14 θεοῦ   ἐγεννήθησαν.26 Καὶ ὁ   Λόγος27 σὰρξ28 ἐγένετο,29 καὶ
   of God were born.     And the Word    flesh  became,    and

   ἐσκήνωσεν30 ἐν31  ἡμῖν,32 (καὶ ἐθεασάμεθα33 τὴν δόξαν34
   tented      among us,      and we beheld    the glory   of

   αὐτοῦ, δόξαν ὡς35 μονογενοῦς36     παρά37    Πατρός,38)   πλήρης39
   him, glory as   of an only-born near from a Father,) full

15 χάριτος40 καὶ ἀληθείας.41 Ἰωάννης42 μαρτυρεῖ43 περὶ44
   of grace  and truth.      John      testifies  about

  αὐτοῦ,  καὶ κέκραγε45  λέγων·46 Οὗτος47 ἦν48     ὃν49  εἶπον·50 Ὁ
   him, and has cried, saying.  This    was he whom  I said,  The

   ὀπίσω51           μοῦ52 ἐρχόμενος53 ἔμπροσθέν54 μου γέγονεν,55  ὅτι56
   one behind me    coming,     before      me  has become; because

16 πρῶτός57 μου   ἦν.     Καὶ ἐκ  τοῦ    πληρώματος58 αὐτοῦ  ἡμεῖς59
   first    of me he was. And out of the fullness     of him WE

17 πάντες60 ἐλάβομεν,61 καὶ62 χάριν63 ἀντὶ64 χάριτος· ὅτι     ὁ
   all      received,   and   grace   for    grace:   because the

   νόμος65 διὰ     Μωϋσέως66 δόθη,67   ἡ   χάρις καὶ ἡ   ἀλήθεια
   law      through Moses     was given; the grace and the truth

18 διὰ     Ἰησοῦ68 Χριστοῦ69 ἐγένετο.70 θεὸν71 οὐδείς72 ἐώρακε73
   through Jesus   Christ    became.    God    no-one   has seen

   πώποτε·74 ὁ   μονογενὴς75 Υἱός,76 ὁ         ὢν77  εἰς78  τὸν
   ever;     the only-born   Son,    the one  being into   the

   κόλπον79 τοῦ    Πατρός, ἐκεῖνος80   ἐξηγήσατο.81
   bosom    of the Father, that one explained Him.


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