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LESSON 2 - First Part / Second Part
ACHILLES' GRIEF - From Homer's Iliad 

by George Valsamis



Page 4

Patroclus is the rest and tranquility of Achilles' soul, but he is also a difficult demand. We shall now see how this demand is fulfilled.


[ We are going to read the text like this:


First, you will just see the original Greek side by side with an English translation.

* Read first the translation without caring for the prototype. Then read the Greek text trying carefully to identify words you already know from the previous textbook.

These words were writen there in capitals, but now you will see them in small letters. Don't let this confuse you. If you've studied the alphabet well enough, you should  be able to identify more than 15 words.

* Read the text aloud to gain some familiarity with the sounding of Greek words, even if you don't understand them.

* Copy the Greek text in a piece of paper.

Second, we will read the Greek original together, to understand the words and some of the grammar and syntax ] 

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