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LESSON 2 - First Part / Second Part
ACHILLES' GRIEF - From Homer's Iliad 

by George Valsamis



Page 3

Read carefully

Now, please note something, think of what we realised reading carefully in its context just a single verse:


δῖε Μενοιτιάδη τῷ ἐμῷ κεχαρισμένε θυμῷ

Son of Menoetius, divine gift to the thirst of my soul


Whatever history of the Greek literature I might open to read the story of Achilles, I won't understand even half of what the text itself can give me, if I read it carefully. Otherwise, I will probably translate, like Butler, "Noble son of Menoetius, man after my own heart", where Patroclus has become something like an aristocratic flirt of Achilles', in any case indifferent to me, indifferent to my life and to all history. Maybe this indifference, due to the superficial reading of the texts, to the superficial treatment of our own lives, is the cause of decline of the fascination of the classical works. ] 

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