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More about pronunciation:


Αα sounds like A in the word "Attach"

Ββ  like V in "Vigor"

Γγ  like W in "Wide"

Δδ  like Th in "That"

Eε  like E in "Egg"

Ζζ  like Z in "Ζero"

Ηη  like E in "Free" (don't confuse this letter with the English H or n)

Θθ  like Th in "Therapy"

Ιι  like I in "If"

Κκ  like K in "Kilo"

Λλ  like L in "Lake"

Μμ  like M in "Make"


Nν  like N in "No" (don't confuse the Greek ν with the English v)

Ξξ  like X in "Matrix"

Οο  like O in "Oasis"

Ππ  like P in "Paradise"

Ρρ  like R in "Road" (don't confuse this letter with the English Pp)

Σσς  like S in "See"

Ττ  like T in "Table"

Υυ  like E in "Ego"

Φφ  like F in "Free"

Χχ  like H in "Here" (don't confuse this letter with the English Xx)

Ψψ  like PS in "Epson"

Ωω  like O in "Orient"


Check also later, a word for each letter

Practise extensively writing the letters and reading them aloud.

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