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Posted - 21 Jan 2007 :  14:32:55  


I looked for Smyth's A Greek Grammar for Colleges at textkit but I couldn't find. Is it still there for download?

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Posted - 22 Jan 2007 :  09:45:57  


Here is a link.

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vir litterarum

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Posted - 22 Jan 2007 :  16:47:00  


It's still there. I just looked under the Learning Ancient Greek heading and saw it there.

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Posted - 25 Jan 2007 :  21:31:45  


Firstly i would like to thank everyone for their help [:)] much appreciated...

i have decided to leave attic for a while and really nuckle down with homeric, i purchased a copy of Pharrs homeric greek and (as i only recieved it yesterday) am up to chapter two... i have noticed that there is no answer key so how do i kno if what i am translating is correct? is there a PDF of an answer sheet anywere on the web?

As homeric greek is quite different from attic is it alright that i continue using modern pronounciation?... my main question is if when i read homer in verse or even in song, will the modern pronounciation give me any problems with lengths of sylables etc... will all the lengths still fit in the bar... if that makes sence lol

~John [:)]

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Posted - 26 Jan 2007 :  13:34:15  


As is said elsewhere, at a thread about Greek pronunciation, we can’t know such differences, so that, whatever way you choose to count the length will be arbitrary. Instead of that, just use modern Greek. If you notice your pronunciation carefully, you will see that you yourself in modern Greek pronounce some syllables longer than other. To learn the grammatical length of syllables, go to polytoniko.gr, where you will find also the rules to write in polytonic Greek. Search the web for an answer-book on Pharr; you can also post here questions about chapters that make your life difficult.

You chose a great way to start. As you progress with Pharr, you can start also reading a complete translation of Homer in English together with the original and observe differences. This will make you more sensitive on what can not be translated. Don’t neglect etymology. When you feel more comfortable with homeric Greek, read Elpenor’s second and third lessons, which are based on Homer and will give you some help on how to interpret and translate.

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