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Milton, Mellifluous streams

From Paradise Regained


Icon of the Christ and New Testament Reader

LOOK once more ere we leave this specular Mount
Westward, much nearer by Southwest, behold
Where on the Aegean shore a City stands
Built nobly, pure the air, and light the soil,
Athens, the eye of Greece, Mother of Arts
And Eloquence, native to famous wits
Or hospitable, in her sweet recess,
City or Suburban, studious walks and shades;
See there the Olive Grove of Academe,
Plato's retirement, where the Attic Bird
Trills her thick-warbl'd notes the summer long;
There flow'ry hill Hymettus with the sound
Of Bees' industrious murmur oft invites
To studious musing; there Ilissus rolls
His whispering stream; within the walls then view
The schools of ancient Sages; his who bred
Great Alexander to subdue the world,
Lyceum there, and painted Stoa next;

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