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A Day in Old Athens

William Stearns Davis was a professor of ancient history in the University of Minnesota; his book on Athens was published in 1914. You are welcome to send recent images of places, persons, monuments etc., and ask questions or add notes on philosophical, scientific or other approaches to the life of Athens

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Preface  The Physical Setting of Athens  The First Sights  The Agora and its Denizens

The Athenian House and its Furnishings  The Women  Athenian Costume  The Slaves  The Children  The Schoolboys  The Physicians

        The Funerals 
Trade, Manufactures, and Banking  The Armed Forces of Athens  The Peiraeus and the Shipping  An Athenian Court Trial

The Ecclesia of Athens  The Afternoon at the Gymnasia  Athenian Cookery and the Symposium  Country Life Around Athens  The Temples and Gods  The Great Festivals

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Plato Home Page

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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