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Three Millennia of Greek Literature
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The Greeks Us

Greek Identity of the Western World

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( 1st c. B.C. )

To return and view the cheerful skies

Be resigned to greatness

I have spared no pains to make myself master of the Greek language and learning

( 1st c. B.C - 1st c. A.D. )

Achilles' death
Thunder-struck from Heaven

( 1st - 2nd c. A.D. )

Pliny the younger
Purity and refinement

   Even if one has become equal to Aristotle and Plato, one must not think of it as a cause of pride; because neither the wise of wisdom, nor others of other advantages should be proud, listening to David's teaching, and seeing all success perishing with death, and only the characters of their manners going together with those leaving from here. Hence, I never considered myself great because of words, yet of those who master the words I think that they bring to cities a very special glory; and I think that cities gain profit not so much from anything else whatever, than from words. Because words are the only fathers of all good; personal and common.
Gennadius Scholarius

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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