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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 He that is merciful will lend unto his neighbour; and he that strengtheneth his hand keepeth the commandments. 2 Lend to thy neighbour in time of his need, and pay thou thy neighbour again in due season. 3 Keep thy word, and deal faithfully with him, and thou shalt always find the thing that is necessary for thee. 4 Many, when a thing was lent them, reckoned it to be found, and put them to trouble that helped them. 5 Till he hath received, he will kiss a man’s hand; and for his neighbour’s money he will speak submissly: but when he should repay, he will prolong the time, and return words of grief, and complain of the time. 6 If he prevail, he shall hardly receive the half, and he will count as if he had found it: if not, he hath deprived him of his money, and he hath gotten him an enemy without cause: he payeth him with cursings and railings; and for honour he will pay him disgrace. 7 Many therefore have refused to lend for other men’s ill dealing, fearing to be defrauded. 8 Yet have thou patience with a man in poor estate, and delay not to shew him mercy. 9 Help the poor for the commandment’s sake, and turn him not away because of his poverty. 10 Lose thy money for thy brother and thy friend, and let it not rust under a stone to be lost. 11 Lay up thy treasure according to the commandments of the most High, and it shall bring thee more profit than gold. 12 Shut up alms in thy storehouses: and it shall deliver thee from all affliction. 13 It shall fight for thee against thine enemies better than a mighty shield and strong spear. 14 An honest man is surety for his neighbour: but he that is impudent will forsake him. 15 Forget not the friendship of thy surety, for he hath given his life for thee. 16 A sinner will overthrow the good estate of his surety: 17 And he that is of an unthankful mind will leave him in danger that delivered him. 18 Suretiship hath undone many of good estate, and shaken them as a wave of the sea: mighty men hath it driven from their houses, so that they wandered among strange nations. 19 A wicked man transgressing the commandments of the Lord shall fall into suretiship: and he that undertaketh and followeth other men’s business for gain shall fall into suits. 20 Help thy neighbour according to thy power, and beware that thou thyself fall not into the same. 21 The chief thing for life is water, and bread, and clothing, and an house to cover shame. 22 Better is the life of a poor man in a mean cottage, than delicate fare in another man’s house. 23 Be it little or much, hold thee contented, that thou hear not the reproach of thy house. 24 For it is a miserable life to go from house to house: for where thou art a stranger, thou darest not open thy mouth. 25 Thou shalt entertain, and feast, and have no thanks: moreover thou shalt hear bitter words: 26 Come, thou stranger, and furnish a table, and feed me of that thou hast ready. 27 Give place, thou stranger, to an honourable man; my brother cometh to be lodged, and I have need of mine house. 28 These things are grievous to a man of understanding; the upbraiding of houseroom, and reproaching of the lender. Ο ΠΟΙΩΝ ἔλεος δανειεῖ τῷ πλησίον, καὶ ὁ ἐπισχύων τῇ χειρὶ αὐτοῦ τηρεῖ ἐντολάς. 2 δάνεισον τῷ πλησίον ἐν καιρῷ χρείας αὐτοῦ, καὶ πάλιν ἀπόδος τῷ πλησίον εἰς τὸν καιρόν· 3 στερέωσον λόγον καὶ πιστώθητι μετ᾿ αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἐν παντὶ καιρῷ εὑρήσεις τὴν χρείαν σου. 4 πολλοὶ ὡς εὕρεμα ἐνόμισαν δάνος καὶ παρέσχον πόνον τοῖς βοηθήσασιν αὐτοῖς. 5 ἕως οὗ λάβῃ, καταφιλήσει χεῖρα αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἐπὶ τῶν χρημάτων τοῦ πλησίον ταπεινώσει φωνήν· καὶ ἐν καιρῷ ἀποδόσεως παρελκύσει χρόνον καὶ ἀποδώσει λόγους ἀκηδίας καὶ τὸν καιρὸν αἰτιάσεται. 6 ἐὰν ἰσχύσῃ, μόλις κομίσεται τὸ ἥμισυ καὶ λογιεῖται αὐτὸ ὡς εὕρεμα· εἰ δὲ μή, ἀπεστέρησεν αὐτὸν τῶν χρημάτων αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἐκτήσατο αὐτὸν ἐχθρὸν δωρεάν· κατάρας καὶ λοιδορίας ἀποδώσει αὐτῷ καὶ ἀντὶ δόξης ἀποδώσει αὐτῷ ἀτιμίαν. 7 πολλοὶ οὖν χάριν πονηρίας ἀπέστρεψαν, ἀποστερηθῆναι δωρεὰν εὐλαβήθησαν. 8 πλὴν ἐπὶ ταπεινῷ μακροθύμησον καὶ ἐπ᾿ ἐλεημοσύνην μὴ παρελκύσῃς αὐτόν. 9 χάριν ἐντολῆς ἀντιλαβοῦ πένητος καὶ κατὰ τὴν ἔνδειαν αὐτοῦ μὴ ἀποστρέψῃς αὐτὸν κενόν. 10 ἀπόλεσον ἀργύριον δι᾿ ἀδελφὸν καὶ φίλον, καὶ μὴ ἰωθήτω ὑπὸ τὸν λίθον εἰς ἀπώλειαν. 11 θὲς τὸν θησαυρόν σου κατ᾿ ἐντολὰς ῾Υψίστου, καὶ λυσιτελήσει σοι μᾶλλον ἢ τὸ χρυσίον. 12 σύγκλεισον ἐλεημοσύνην ἐν τοῖς ταμείοις σου, καὶ αὕτη ἐξελεῖταί σε ἐκ πάσης κακώσεως· 13 ὑπὲρ ἀσπίδα κράτους καὶ ὑπὲρ δόρυ ἀλκῆς κατέναντι ἐχθροῦ πολεμήσει ὑπὲρ σοῦ. 14 ἀνὴρ ἀγαθὸς ἐγγυήσεται τὸν πλησίον, καὶ ὁ ἀπολωλεκὼς αἰσχύνην καταλήψει αὐτόν. 15 Χάριτας ἐγγύου μὴ ἐπιλάθῃ, ἔδωκε γὰρ τὴν ψυχὴν αὐτοῦ ὑπὲρ σοῦ. 16 ἀγαθὰ ἐγγύου ἀνατρέψει ἁμαρτωλός, καὶ ἀχάριστος ἐν διανοίᾳ ἐγκαταλείψει ῥυσάμενον. 17 ἐγγύη πολλοὺς ἀπώλεσε κατευθύνοντας καὶ ἐσάλευσεν αὐτοὺς ὡς κῦμα θαλάσσης· ἄνδρας δυνατοὺς ἀπῴκισε καὶ ἐπλανήθησαν ἐν ἔθνεσιν ἀλλοτρίοις. 19 ἁμαρτωλὸς ἐμπεσὼν εἰς ἐγγύην καὶ διώκων ἐργολαβίας ἐμπεσεῖται εἰς κρίσεις. 20 ἀντιλαβοῦ τοῦ πλησίον κατὰ δύναμίν σου καὶ πρόσεχε σεαυτῷ μὴ ἐμπέσῃς. - 21 ᾿Αρχὴ ζωῆς ὕδωρ καὶ ἄρτος καὶ ἱμάτιον καὶ οἶκος καλύπτων ἀσχημοσύνην. 22 κρείσσων βίος πτωχοῦ ὑπὸ σκέπην δοκῶν ἢ ἐδέσματα λαμπρὰ ἐν ἀλλοτρίοις. 23 ἐπὶ μικρῷ καὶ μεγάλῳ εὐδοκίαν ἔχε, καὶ ὀνειδισμὸν παροικίας οὐ μὴ ἀκούσῃς. 24 ζωὴ πονηρὰ ἐξ οἰκίας εἰς οἰκίαν, καὶ οὗ παροικήσεις, οὐκ ἀνοίξει στόμα. 25 ξενιεῖς καὶ ποτιεῖς εἰς ἀχάριστα καὶ πρὸς ἐπὶ τούτοις πικρὰ ἀκούσῃ· 26 πάρελθε, πάροικε, κόσμησον τράπεζαν, καὶ εἴτι ἐν τῇ χειρί σου, ψώμισόν με. 27 ἔξελθε, πάροικε, ἀπὸ προσώπου δόξης, ἐπεξένωταί μοι ὁ ἀδελφός, χρεία τῆς οἰκίας. 28 βαρέα ταῦτα ἀνθρώπῳ ἔχοντι φρόνησιν, ἐπιτίμησις οἰκίας καὶ ὀνειδισμὸς δανειστοῦ.

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