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Dia Philippides, CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature

English-language translations of works of nineteenth and twentieth century Greek authors that were published in book-form in the period 1824-1987


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Seferis, George (1900-1971) 


7.1334     Seferis, George. Collected Poems. Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard, trs., eds., and intro. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1981. 550 p. Expanded bilingual edition. Also *London: Anvil Poetry Press, 1982.

Is expanded edition of their Collected Poems (1924-1955)  {7.1335}.


7.1335     Seferis, George. Collected Poems (1924-1955). Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard, trs., eds., and intro. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1967. 490 p. Bilingual edition. *Supplemented edition, 1969. 502 p. Also London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1967; London: Jonathan Cape Ltd., 1969 and 1973. 490 p. 

7.1336     Seferis, George. Collected Poems (1924-1955). Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard, trs. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1971. 277 p. English only. 

7.1337     Seferis, George. Delphi. Philip Sherrard, tr.; illustrations by Herbert Kreft and others. Munich and Ahrbeck/Hannover: Knorr & Hirth Verlag GMBH, 1963. 24 p. and 36 plates. 

7.1338     *Σεφέρης, Γιῶργος. Γράμμα στὸν Rex Warner πάροικο τοῦ Storrs, Connecticut, U.S.A. γιὰ τὰ ἑξήντα του χρόνια. Ἀθήνα, 20 Νοεμβρίου 1972. Letter to Rex Warner. Edmund Keeley, tr. 9 p. Bilingual edition.

Προσφορὰ τῆς Μάρως Σεφέρη καὶ τῶν ἐκδόσεων «Ἑρμῆς». Ἐκτὸς ἐμπορίου. Not on the market. 

7.1339     Seferis, George. The King of Asine and Other Poems. Bernard Spencer, Nanos Valaoritis and Lawrence Durrell, trs.; Rex Warner, intro. London: John Lehmann, 1948. 82 p. 

7.1340     *Seferis, George. The Land Within a Wall; A Poem, and Towards a Precipice; A Declaration. John Richmond, tr. Echoes from Greece, 2. Montreal: Anthelion Press, 1969. 39 p. 

7.1341     Seferis, George. Mythistorima and Gymnopaidia. Mary Cooper Walton, tr. Athens: Lycabettus Press, 1977. 69 p. Bilingual edition.  

7.1342     Seferis, George. On the Greek Style: Selected Essays in Poetry and Hellenism. Rex Warner and Th.D. Frangopoulos, trs.; Rex Warner, intro. Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, 1966. 196 p. Also *London; Sydney; Toronto: The Bodley Head, [1967]. Athens: Denise Harvey & Company, 1982. 196 p.

Includes: I. “Theophilos” (pp. 1-11); II. “Sikelianos” (pp. 13-21); III. “Makryannis” (pp. 23-65); IV. “Antoniou: Our Seafaring Friend” (pp. 67-71); V. “Dialogue on Poetry: What is Meant by Hellenism?” (pp. 73-97); VI. “Letter on ‘The Thrush’” (pp. 99-105); VII. “The Thrush” (pp. 107-117); VIII. “Cavafy and Eliot—A Comparison” (pp. 119-161); IX. “Letter to a Foreign Friend” [Edmund Keeley and Nanos Valaoritis, trs.] (pp. 163-181); X. “On a Phrase of Pirandello” (pp. 183-190); XI. “Art in Our Times” (pp. 191-196).

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