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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Cavafy Bilingual Anthology : THE HORSES OF ACHILLES

from Poems 1896-1904, * Translated by Peter J. King and Andrea Christofidou  * Greek Fonts


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Zeus saw the tears of the immortal

horses, and he grieved. "At Peleus's wedding"

he declared, "I should have been less thoughtless;

better if I hadn't given him my poor unlucky

horses. What could they expect down there

among the wretched human race Fate uses for her sport?

You, whom neither death nor old age wait to trap,

are tortured by such fleeting tragedies. Men tangle you

within their torments." – But the tears of

these two noble beasts were spilt for

the eternal tragedy of death.

Τὰ δάκρυα εἶδε ὁ Ζεὺς τῶν ἀθανάτων

ἀλόγων καὶ λυπήθη. "Στοῦ Πηλέως τὸν γάμο"

εἶπε "δὲν ἔπρεπ' ἔτσι ἄσκεπτα νὰ κάμω·

καλύτερα νὰ μὴν σᾶς δίναμε ἄλογά μου

δυστυχισμένα! Τί γυρεύατ' ἐκεῖ χάμου

στὴν ἄθλια ἀνθρωπότητα ποὖναι τὸ παίγνιον τῆς μοίρας.

Σεῖς ποὺ οὐδὲ ὁ θάνατος φυλάγει, οὐδὲ τὸ γῆρας

πρόσκαιρες συμφορὲς σᾶς τυραννοῦν. Στὰ βάσανά των

σᾶς ἔμπλεξαν οἱ ἄνθρωποι." – Ὅμως τὰ δάκρυά των

γιὰ τοῦ θανάτου τὴν παντοτεινὴ

τὴν συμφορὰν ἐχύνανε τὰ δυὸ τὰ ζῶα τὰ εὐγενῆ.


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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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