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For on-line tools (Grammars, Lexica, etc) Perseus is indispensable. Check also Woodhouse's English-Greek Vocabulary of the Attic Language, and two more on-line dictionaries of medieval and modern Greek (Greek interface only). Available also is Suda On-line. Liddell-Scott Greek English dictionary is available onLine at Perseus, - downloadable (in pdf).

Read OnLine or download E. Sophocles' Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine Periods (it includes also an introduction to Byzantine Greek).

Griechisch (a site in German) publishes a systematic Greek Grammar and many texts in Greek original and German, a history and a mythology, a dictionary of persons and things. Limited to Ancient Greece, but extraordinary.

In pdf format; heavy files, including Pharr's Homeric Greek (the edition of 1918), Seymour's introduction to the language of Homer, New Testament study aids. Here is my selection:

Homer: Homeric Greek - A Book For Beginners (by Clyde Pharr, ed. 1918)  /  Introduction to the language and verse of Homer (Seymour)

Greek New Testament: A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek (Green), A Short Syntax (Nunn), A Pocket Lexicon (Souter)

White: First Greek Book [cf. The answer key for White's first Greek book]
Rutherford: First Greek Grammar Accidence and First Greek Grammar Syntax  /  Goodwin: Greek Grammar and Syntax of the moods and tenses of the Greek verb
North / Hillard: Greek prose composition
Sidgwick: First Greek Writer (beginner), First Greek Writer Key (beginner), Greek Prose Composition (intermediate), Lectures on Greek Prose Composition (intermediate/advanced)

Check also these pdf textbooks (containing texts in the original and useful notes)

Clapp: Iliad Books XIX - XXIV
Perrin: Odyssey Books V - VIII
Minckwitz: Odyssey Book XII

Sidgwick: Easy Selections From Plato
Dyer: Apology of Socrates and Crito
Conybeare - Stock: Selections from the Septuagint 

Allen: Prometheus Bound
Merry: Selections From Herodotus

Honouring the fairest and most perfect objects in life with an appellation derived from the word child [pais], have named them paideia and paidagogia. - Clement of Alexandria

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