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Gregory of Nyssa Bilingual Anthology

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The Mystery of the Cross ||| Christ is always born in our soul ||| Everything shares in the Beautiful ||| The Making of Man (Bilingual) ||| Everything that is free will be united with virtue

Full Text Works by Gregory of Nyssa      

Against Eunomius ||| On the Baptism of Christ ||| On the Faith ||| The Great Catechism

On the Holy Spirit ||| On the Holy Trinity, and on the Godhead of the Holy Spirit ||| On the Early Deaths of Infants ||| Letters

On the Making of Man ||| Funeral Oration on Meletius ||| on "Not Three Gods" ||| On Pilgrimages

On the Soul and the Resurrection ||| On Virginity

Cf. On the Life And Works of St Gregory of Nyssa ||| Balthasar, Becoming and the immanent infinite in Gregory of Nyssa ||| Gregory of Nyssa Anthology in the Greek original (without translation)

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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