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HERE is only one God among gods and men, the greatest God. Neither in form like mortals nor in thought. He sees all over, and thinks all over, and hears all over. But without pains he sways all things by the power of his mind. And he remains ever in the selfsame place without moving at all; nor does it befit him to wander sometimes here, sometimes there.

Earth's this one limit above beside our feet near the air is seen, but the under one [limit] into the limitless reaches.

Οὔ τι θνητοῖσιν ὁμοίιος

εἷς θεὸς ἔν τε θεοῖσι καὶ ἀνθρώποισι μέγιστος͵ οὔ τι δέμας θνητοῖσιν ὁμοίιος οὐδὲ νόημα. οὖλος ὁρ͵ οὖλος δὲ νοεῖ͵ οὖλος δέ τ΄ ἀκούει. ἀλλ΄ ἀπάνευθε πόνοιο νόου φρενὶ πάντα κραδαίνει.  αἰεὶ δ΄ ἐν ταὐτ μίμνει κινεύμενος οὐδέν͵ οὐδὲ μετέρχεσθαί μιν ἐπιπρέπει ἄλλοτε ἄλλ.

γαίης μὲν τόδε πεῖρας ἄνω παρὰ ποσσὶν ὁρᾶται ἠέρι προσπλάζον, τὸ κάτω δ' ἐς ἄπειρον ἱκνεῖται. 

Cf. PARMENIDES : Being is all there is ||| PLATO : The Creator, The world is a living being ||| DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE : All-comprehending Smallness and Super-essential Identity ||| MAXIMUS CONFESSOR : God is Thinking

Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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