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Soc. And what did we say of their education? Plato notes @ Elpenor [original: τροφήν = food, feeding; it is not just a training but something that goes deeper, to which an organism depends necessarily] Were they not to be trained in gymnastic, and music Plato notes @ Elpenor [original: μουσική = music as united with words in ancient poetry, a melodious reference to sacred (granted by the divine muses) knowledge, as is for us church chanting], and all other sorts of knowledge which were proper for them?

Tim. Very true. [18b]

Soc. And being thus trained they were not to consider gold or silver or anything else <ever> Plato notes @ Elpenor [original: ποτέ = ever, a word omitted by the translator; see next note] to be their own private property; they were to be like hired troops, receiving pay for keeping guard from those who were protected by them – the pay was to be no more than would suffice for men of simple life; and they were to spend in common, and to live together in the continual practice of virtue, which was to be their sole pursuit Plato notes @ Elpenor [original: τῶν ἄλλων ἐπιτηδευμάτων ἄγοντας σχολήν = acting rest from the other employments; read more on this and the previous significant mistakes of the translator - a note on practicing Virtue].

Tim. That was also said. [18c]

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